Noble horse drawn carriages or busses - whatever you want:

  • sightseeing tour for your guest
  • if you need a gift coupon
  • if you want to surprise business guests with a social program
  • you plan a wedding of your personal dreams
  • or a festivity for wedding anniversary or e.g. retire
  • you need a fancy advertising idea for your product
  • or you want to have a picnic …

We make this an much more possible…

During a travel with our coaches  you can enjoy Vienna as  the emperor did.  
p-robi-puppeIf you want the coachman will explain all objects of interests.

On this side you find everything over our possibilities and achievements, and views behind the scenes.

Just have a look. If you need a coupon, or place a order, suggestions or questions, or you need further information or you would like to contact us, simply click order.

Our business objectives:  

  • We would like to present Vienna from its traditional and most beautiful side.
  • we to make your celebrations with our horses and coaches to an unforgettable experience
  • We want to satisfy our customers with our qulitiy and long experience not with quantity.
  • By our fast accessibility, customer-oriented trained coachman, keeping of animals in their natural environment, the condition of our carriages, or the consultation with unusual wishes we want to convince you. 
  • we try  to associate tradition with  modern to act customer oriented.

Thank you for your attendance.

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